A Revolutionary Look at Wealth

At One Advocate Group Legacy we believe that a decision is only wise if it supports your core values, family and business goals. Through this belief we have developed a revolutionary way of looking at wealth that supports effective planning.

For families who have created substantial financial wealth, future planning is a vast additional realm that most don’t know exists. It’s not necessarily about complex structures or acquiring more monetary vehicles. This is about the bigger vision for your family going forward. It’s about a process for designing your family’s future so that it’s just as fulfilling and interesting as your past.

We are passionate about working with families and closely held businesses to build one-of-a-kind experiences and results. By working alongside you as an advocate, the end product is similar to a roadmap for success, one that includes meaningful and lasting outcomes to be carried out for years to come.


Changing lives by equipping families to make conscious decisions, rather than decisions by default.


To become a company that is sustainable, that embraces change, and cultivates an intentional environment for employees and clients to make conscious choices.

One Advocate Group Legacy

Building meaningful outcomes for over 10 years.